Can Eliminating Meat Improve Your Health?

Health experts are constantly debating about dietary choices and which eating plan is best for your overall health.

Some vegan proponents claim that a plant-based diet is the best option, claiming it provides the body with the optimal nutrition that is needed for good health.  It is true that you should be consuming healthy plants, such as vegetables and fruit, but is it really good to eliminate all types of animal products, including meat and dairy?

When you look at the nutritional basis of a vegan diet, you will find many benefits to the types of foods that most vegans eat.  The problem lies in the fact that even though the diet has some good elements, there are some gaping holes when it comes to overall nutrition.

Positive Aspects of a Vegan Diet

One of the main benefits of a vegan diet is that many people focus on eating higher amounts of vegetables instead of animal products.  The increased vegetable consumption can be very beneficial for your health in many ways, because vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.

When you are eating fresh, raw vegetables, your body is getting essential nutrition that helps to support good health.  Most modern diets are lacking in the fruits and vegetables needed for a healthy lifestyle.  Becoming more aware of the things that you are eating is a good way to improve your nutrient intake.

Many vegans are looking for ways to improve their health, so they choose to eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  But, big problems occur when a person is cutting out meat and dairy, and they choose to avoid vegetables as well.  These “junk-food vegans” choose to eat highly processed foods which are lacking in nutrition. In comparison, a person who eats processed foods and meat will still get some nutrition from the meat that is consumed, but you can’t depend solely on meat to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Negative Aspects of a Vegan Diet

Other than the increased vegetable consumption, there aren’t many other positive benefits that can be gained by following a vegan diet.  This single benefit (more vegetables) isn’t enough for most people to commit to a vegan lifestyle, because we know it’s possible to increase your vegetable consumption and still enjoy meat at the same time.

Learning more about the health problems that can occur when meat is eliminated will help you to understand why meat is such an important part of a healthy diet.  People who avoid meat and dairy products are often lacking in important nutrients, including:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B 12
  • Protein
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium

These nutrients are essential for good health.  They are difficult to get from plant based foods, and easy to obtain from animal foods.  Many vegans are deficient in B12 and iron, both of which are important nutrients that your body needs.

Another reason that meat is so beneficial is because the calories in meat are very efficient.  Each calorie is packed with nutrition that can be used to improve your health, and when a person is avoiding meat then they will likely need to consume more calories in order to get the same nutrition.  Higher calorie intake might lead to weight gain and obesity which can increase the risk for a number of health problems.

Healthier Meat Options

One of the arguments to encourage veganism is the fact that factory farmed meat is unhealthy and dangerous for your health.  There is a lot of truth to the fact that factory farmed dairy and meat products contain subpar nutrition and they are loaded with toxins that can be dangerous to your health.  But, just because certain types of animal products are raised in an unhealthy way doesn’t mean that you should avoid animal products all together.

Instead, a better option is to choose higher quality meat and dairy options in order to be sure that you are getting the nutrition that you need without the dangerous elements that go into factory farming.  Look for meat, dairy, and eggs that are pasture raised, grass fed, and organic. These animals are raised in a natural environment, and they are less likely to have the dangerous toxins that are present in conventional products.

The truth is that the environment in which an animal is raised can have a direct impact on the nutritional value that is available within the meat and milk.  Animals that are allowed to graze on grass and live in a natural environment have superior nutrition compared to the animals that are raised in confined spaces.

It might cost a little more to buy grass fed meat instead of conventional meat, but it is worth the cost if you want to improve your health.  The old saying “you are what you eat” rings true here, especially when it comes to meat.  Make room in your grocery budget by cutting out unnecessary items like junk food, so you have some extra cash to put towards eating clean, high quality products.


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Healthy chicken dinner


The DGF Monthly Workout/Exercise Calendar!

Good afternoon everyone,

Below you will find the Small Group Workout Calendar for September…

All classes are held at: 1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park, Fl 33334

Please RSVP to: now!

Classes are $10.00 per person per class

Diamond Guru Fitness is dedicated to teaching ALL Levels of Fitness in each class from Beginner to Advanced!! Only 8 people per class so you get the individualized attention you want and deserve!

What are you waiting for? Let me help you get in the best shape and health of your life!

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January 2014

January 2014

August 2014

August 2014

Steven Side View- After 203 lbs lost on the DGF Nutritional Plan!

Steven Side View- After 203 lbs lost on the DGF Nutritional Plan!


~ September 2014 ~

























Diamond Guru Fitness 7 pm

Sculpt and Build




Diamond Guru Fitness 7 pm

Stability Ball Workout






Diamond Guru Fitness 11am

Cardio Pump




Diamond Guru Fitness 7 pm

One minute Circuit Training




Diamond Guru Fitness 7 pm

Core Challenge Workout














Diamond Guru Fitness 7 pm

HIIT= High Intensity Interval Training






DiamondGuru Fitness 11 am

Power Abs Workout








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Small Group Personal Training @ Diamond Guru Fitness

Hello Diamond-Guru Fitness Enthusiasts!

This week Mon. 08/25/14 & Wed. 08/27/14 @7 pm and Sat. 08/30/14  @ 10:30am <—- NEW TIME THIS WEEK ONLY We are Mixing it up with some Dumbbell, Stability Ball and Resistance Band Workouts!! Great fun and an Awesome diverse way to build muscle and burn fat! This is a GREAT WORKOUT for EVERY FITNESS LEVEL!  

My awesome peeps doing the "Diamond Guru pose"

My awesome peeps doing the “Diamond Guru pose”


Being a part of Diamond Guru Fitness IS different! It’s a POSITIVE, Supportive Environment that encourages Personal growth! Small group Personal Training allows for each persons unique fitness level to be taken into consideration therefore producing better results individually! No more than 8 to a class! RSVP required in advance… 

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Class is $10.00 pp

Add in my Nutrition plan for healthy eating, weight loss and watch the TRANSFORMATION happen! ASK ME ABOUT SPECIALS for SEPTEMBER! 

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Circuit Training this Week @ Diamond Guru Fitness!

Good afternoon!

This week We are Circuit Training! 

Circuit training is a method of resistance training, or weight training, that maximizes the volume of work done in a short period of time. Circuit training is a great tool to use for people who are interested in weight loss, muscle gain and overall strength increases.


Circuit training squashes common excuses that people use for not exercising because it takes little time, is action packed, does not need to be done everyday, and it can be personalized.


Circuit Training Basics


Circuit training consists of performing multiple exercises on multiple body parts in a row with little rest in between exertions. The two most basic types of circuit training are horizontal training and vertical training. In horizontal training, all sets of one exercise are performed before a person moves on to the next exercise. In vertical training, one set of every different type of exercise is performed before returning to an exercise for the second time.


The most important component of circuit training is to take little rest in between sets, whether of the same or different exercises.


Circuit Training Benefits


Due to the lack of rest that circuit training demands, exercisers maintain elevated heart rates for the entire period of exercise. The combination of weight training and increased cardiovascular effort makes circuit training a beneficial type of cross training. The exerciser gains muscle through the resistance training. The exerciser increases his/her cardiovascular endurance during the slightly elevated heart rate that is maintained in between sets and throughout the overall program. The exerciser burns high amounts of calories during the high exertion periods of his/her sets.


Circuit training is also a convenient way to exercise. It maximizes the total exercise volume (number of sets, repetitions, and amount of weight) completed in a period of time. Exercises are completed in a row, and therefore, the time spent exercising is condensed. Separate cardiovascular training is not necessary. All body parts are trained in one session, and therefore, exercisers do not need to work out everyday.


Long Run Benefits


Circuit training is a type of interval training. Interval training is a great way to increase the body’s ability to burn calories when it is at rest. The exerciser’s heart rate goes up very high, returns to a lower, but still elevated, state, and then goes up very high again. At no point during circuit training does the heart rate return to its resting rate. Circuit training, and interval training overall, increases the amount of oxygen that a person consumes post exercise, and therefore, increases the number of calories that a person burns throughout the day.


It can be used to achieve an increase in lean body mass and a decrease in weight.

My awesome peeps doing the "Diamond Guru pose"

My awesome peeps doing the “Diamond Guru pose”

When? Monday 8/18/14 , Wednesday 8/20/14@ 7 pm and Saturday 8/23/14 @11 am!

Where? 1080 NE 43 Street, Oakland Park, Fl. 33334

Rsvp to:

$10.00 per person


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Do you have the “Desire?”


The stepping stone, the initial impetus, the driving force, the only thing that can gain momentum and drive us along the road leading to success. 

Back in 2005, when I found myself at the beginning of this uphill road, I used to read about it all the time. But the word “want” is not strong enough to express what it takes. Wanting it is just not enough. 

You have to long for change to be able to get up again every single time you fall. You have to crave a new version of yourself to fight all the obstacles that will come your way. You have to yearn for a healthy and active body to be able to keep your eyes on the prize and fight away all distractions. 

And when you finally reach your goal, you need double and triple doses of this strong desire to be able to maintain. Just wanting it is simply not enough. You will also want to re-visit your old habits at some point. You will want to indulge in your favorite treats. You will want to take a break from exercise. And you don’t know which desire will be stronger when the time comes. You can’t leave this to chance. Your desire to maintain your weight, your health, your energy has to be strengthened to the maximum to be able to withstand the temptations. You have to place this desire on the tip of your priorities pyramid. And push it back up every time it slips towards the base! 

The stronger your desire, the better your chances of losing or maintaining. So, keep it strong. Just like you do with your muscles. Here are some before and after photos of some clients who have and had the DESIRE!

Stay Fit and healthy,       ZbeforeandafterOctober 2013 Steven kilt StevenBeforeKilt

The Diamond Guru

August 11th, 13th and 16th @ Diamond Guru Fitness Studio!

We start Monday, 08/11/14 @7 pm with a Fat Blasting workout! 10 minute warm up…30 minutes of Intense Dumbbell Fat Blasting and then we stretch for 10 minutes ….A great workout for EVERY Fitness level!

Wednesday, 08/13/14 @7 pm, We work the entire body and especially the problem “Muffin Top” Area!! An Awesome workout for ALL Fitness levels! I modify all exercises for all my classes! 

Diamond Guru..Come have fun, laugh and get fit!

Diamond Guru..Come have fun, laugh and get fit!


Saturday, 08/16/14 2 11 am, We burn 500 calories in 45 minutes!

1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park, Fl 33334

RSVP to;

$10.00 per class

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August 4th, 6th and 9th @ Diamond Guru Fitness!

This week at Diamond Guru Fitness, We start Monday on a High note with HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training! We will burn tons of fat and gain some rockin muscle with 30 min intense workout! You’ll be sweaty with this one! 

Have fun and get results fast!

Have fun and get results fast!

Then Wednesday, We work our entire body on the Stability Ball! This workout will tone you as well as build endurance!

Saturday, We top things off with an Awesome Resistance Band workout! If you’ve never tried bands, this is the workout for you! Challenging and effective!

When: Mon and Wed. @7 pm, Saturday @11 am!

Where: 1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park, Fl. 33334 

How much: $10.00 per class OR $65 for ALL AUGUST CLASSES! That’s 1/2 price!

RSVP to:  

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Come Workout this Week @ Diamond Guru Fitness! 07/28, 7/30 & 8/2

Hello Everyone!

This week @ Diamond Guru Fitness, We are utilizing Resistance Bands, The Stability Ball and some Dumbbells to Build Muscle and Burn Fat! Whether you are trying to Build Up or Lean out…these workout are for you!

Class is $10.00 per person or Starting Saturday 8/2 thru 8/6- ALL AUGUST for $65! That’s half price. 13 classes this month! 

Stability Ball Training with diamond guru!

Stability Ball Training with diamond guru!


Where are classes? 1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park, Florida 33334

When? Mon. 07/28/14 and Wed. 07/30/14 @7 pm and Saturday 08/02/14 @11 am….

Why attend? You’ll Feel and Look Great as well as get Healthy and fit! Besides we are a fun group and the MUSIC ROCKS!!

RSVP NOW!!!!!! What are you waiting for? ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME! True Small Group Personal Training! GET THE PERSONAL ATTENTION YOU DESERVE!

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Build and Burn this Week @ Diamond Guru Fitness Studio in Fort Lauderdale!

Good Sunday Evening Everyone! I hope you had an Awesome weekend filled with family, friends and fun!

This week at Diamond Guru Fitness we are Building Muscle and Burning Fat with Strength Training! Don’t be afraid to use dumbbells. Not only are you building muscle but by performing weight-bearing exercises you are gaining Bone Health!!” Muscle does weigh more than fat but it takes up less room so you appear thinner  and muscle is smooth fiber so your skin looks firmer! Look below and you’ll see what I mean…

5lbs Lean Muscle vs 5 lbs Fat!

5 lbs Lean Muscle vs 5 lbs Fat!

When: Mon 7/21/14 & Wed 7/23/14 @7 pm & Sat 7/26/14 @11 am

Where: 1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park, Fl 33334

RSVP to:

How Much? $10.00 pp

Small Group Personal Training Format- 8 RSVP’s Total so REPLY NOW! Great Positive Atmosphere! 

My awesome peeps doing the "Diamond Guru pose"

My awesome peeps doing the “Diamond Guru pose”



In Health, Fun and Fitness,

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Are you getting enough sleep? 10 Reasons You NEED More Sleep!

We hear over and over again that getting eight hours of sleep per night is good for your health, but we routinely cut down on sleep to try and squeeze more out of each day.  It’s crazy to think that 24 hours just isn’t enough time to do everything, but that’s how many of us feel.

The problem is cutting back on your sleep may actually be doing you more harm than you think.  If you want to be more productive during the day, it’s better to get a restful night’s sleep rather than sacrificing it, for the sake of trying to get more done. Smileybabysleeping

Here are 10 reasons why you should be getting enough sleep every night:

  1. Weight loss is one of the most notable benefits of sleeping enough each night.  If you are cutting back on your sleep time, then it is likely that your metabolism will slow down, which makes it harder to lose weight.  Also less sleep affects 2 hormones that play a crucial role in your weight loss – ghrelin and leptin.  Ghrelin signals when you should eat and leptin signals when you should stop eating.  And sleep deprivation increases ghrelin while lowering leptin, which means you end up eating more. (Find out how you can effectively increase leptin to help manage your weight.)
  2. Sleeping more can help extend your lifespan.  One research study looked at the average length of time that each person slept, compared with their lifespan.  It was discovered that people who slept less than five hours per night didn’t live as long as those who routinely slept a minimum of seven hours per night.  This may be because lack of sleep causes your cortisol (stress hormone) levels to rise, which increases your blood pressure, making your body more susceptible to heart attacks and stroke.  It’s also been shown that lack of sleep can put your body into a state inflammation which can also lead to serious diseases.
  3. Improving mood is an important reason to get enough sleep at night.  Have you ever had a bad day after a poor sleep the previous night?  There’s reason why you feel so irritable and moody.  There’s an area in your brain called amygdala which controls emotions, particularly negative emotions like anger and rage.  When you don’t get enough sleep your amygdala doesn’t functions as well, increasing negative emotions and making you more susceptible to losing your patience and getting you angry easier.  That’s why when you get enough sleep your mood and attitude is much better.
  4. A recent study showed that people look younger and more attractive after a good night’s sleep.  Here’s why… during sleep your body produces growth hormones which helps with collagen production essential for youthful looking skin.  Also during the night, your body produces melatonin which is a hormone that helps protect your skin.  So if you want to increase the health of your skin and prolong your youthful looks, make sure you get enough sleep.
  5. Better concentration and sharpened attention can be gained with a good night’s rest.  When you have a bad night of sleep, it can decrease concentration levels and leave you struggling to get through the day.  Lack of focus may be caused by shortened delta sleep phase (the phase just before REM).  During this phase of sleep your brain is able rest and hence improve your cognitive function…allowing you to concentrate better.  Similar to your body needing rest in order to build lean muscle and burn fat.  So when you regularly get less than 7 hours of sleep you may be short changing your brain’s rest time and making it more difficult to stay focused during the day.
  6. Sleep can help improve your memory.  Even though your body is resting, your mind is at work all through the night.  During this time, the brain practices skills that were learned while you were awake, and it stores the information so that you can access it at a future date if needed.  If you’re trying to master a skill, it’s better to practice it and then walk away from your practice and sleep on it.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you can perform the skill better the next day.
  7. Lower stress levels are linked with getting a good night’s sleep.  If you have high levels of stress, often times a full night of high quality sleep is the best way to improve your stress levels and feel better.  During the night your body is able to work on balancing the hormones more effectively, especially lowering your cortisol level.
  8. Getting enough sleep can help prevent metabolic disorders, like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.  Although the link between lack of sleep and metabolic disorders is strong, the mechanism wasn’t clear until recently.  Several studies done indicate that getting quality sleep allows your body to manage food intake more effectively and maintain the right balance of energy, as well as metabolize glucose much better.
  9. You can reduce inflammation levels in your body by getting enough sleep.  During the night, your body is able to repair tissues and renew cells, so that you’re ready for the next day.  But, if you’re not getting enough sleep, your body isn’t able to make the necessary repairs, which then put your body in an inflammatory state.  Chronic inflammation can cause premature aging, arthritis, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease… but it’s easily preventable by getting enough sleep.  Don’t forget that consuming enough omega-3 fatty acids from foods like salmon, mackerel, anchovies and sardines can additionally help you lower your inflammation as well.  If you can’t get enough omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, you can also take high quality omega-3 supplements as well.
  10. A stronger immune system can be achieved through good sleeping habits.  Have you ever come down with a cold after staying up to late?  It’s because lack of sleep weakens your immune system.  Getting enough sleep is one way to avoid illness, especially during cold and flu season.

So there you have it, 10 reasons you need to be getting more sleep.  Next time your busy trying to squeeze everything in one day, just remember that stopping early to get more sleep in the end is WAY more beneficial for you in the long run!  Life’s a marathon, don’t burn yourself out… get some sleep!

Join me @ 10:30 am for an Awesome workout at Diamond Guru Fitness in Ft Lauderdale! $10.00 pp…RSVP to: 

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