Exciting changes for 2013!

Hey Everyone!

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New in 2013! More Intense workouts focusing on increasing strength and mobility as well as muscle definition and growth! I am adding Interval training to Our workouts!

We have a new and improved website for easier access to materials and more interaction! Stay tuned for some fabulous new ways to make communicating our ideas more easily!

Group classes are Mon and Wed @7pm, In Oakland Park, Florida. Also Saturdays @11am to kick start your metabolism for the rest of your weekend! Classes are $10 per person.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and helping your acheive Your personal goals!

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Time to Get Fit!

Diamond-Guru Total Fitness is focused on providing Intense, fun and effective workouts combined 0_0_0_0_255_382_csupload_42265026with customer satisfaction.

Lets Get Your FITNESS Started!

If you’re looking to get fit for your special event, tired of fad diets and workouts that don’t push you, you’ve come to the right place. Diamond-Guru Total Fitness offers a variety of fitness workouts including Boot Camp, Zumba, Free Weights, Stability Balls, Resistance Training and more!

We offer a hands-on planning process that specializes your workout to achieve all your goals. Along with a fitness program, we help you make good food choices to aid you in your journey to both health and fitness!

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