Get LEAN with Stability Ball Interval Training with diamondguru this week 03/18 & 03/20 @7pm. No Sat. Class!

the diamond guru- Getting Lean!

Monday 03/18/13 @7pm and Wed. 03/20/13 @7pm , We are Stability Ball Interval Training! Short bursts of Intense Exercise with short to no rests in between exercises followed by Lots of stretching for our cool downs! This is a great way to burn fat, get lean and show off those muscles that are hiding under there! 


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$10.00 per class OR ($60. for the month**Only avail. for the 1st week of the month**)

Starting off on the right foot by cleaning up your diet is the best way to hit the road running.  And the most important dietary tip that will kick start your body’s ability to burn off fat is to eliminate all refined carbohydrates and replace them with vegetables and fruits (unrefined carbohydrates.) 

Here’s the thing…all  carbohydrates turn into sugar and sugar makes you FAT.  It’s as simple as that.  So by reducing the amount of sugar you consume, you’ll immediately start losing weight.

Here’s a quick list of foods to avoid and foods that I recommend.

Examples of refined carbohydrate foods that you should AVOID:
– pasta
– white rice
– baked goods (muffins, scones, donuts)
– sweets (soda, juice, candy)

Examples of some veggies that I recommend (cruciferous veggies are my vegetables of choice, since they have the highest amount of anti-oxidants, nutrient and fiber content):
– broccoli
– brussel spouts
– spinach
– cabbage 
– kale
– Swiss chard

Examples of fruits I recommend (berries are my favorite since it’s low in sugar, but has the highest amount of anti-oxidants and nutrient content):
– blueberries
– blackberries
– raspberries
– strawberries
– apples
– melons
– grapefruits
– peaches

Try to stay AWAY from fruits that are too high in sugar (I know they taste good, but try and stay away from these since they’re really high in sugar and low in fiber content):
– bananas
– pineapple
– mangoes


Stay Happy, Healthy and Fit,

the diamond guru

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