Interval Strength Training with diamondguru Mon 3/25, Wed 3/27 @7pm & Sat 03/30 @11am

the diamond guru working upper back!
the diamond guru working upper back!

This week we are Interval Strength Training! Interval training is simply alternating bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity. We will do this utilizing Free weights, resistance bands and body weight resistance. This is a full body workout that burns lots of calories and will build muscle!

Class is $10.00 per person- RSVP Required- Ft Lauderdale Area- Who’s joining me?

Please RSVP to:

Read further for some advice on the best “Calorie Burning Foods!”

When you’re trying to lose weight, one common mistake is cutting down on calories too quickly, causing you to suffer from constant hunger and low energy. 

There is a much better way to tackle cutting down calories.  Instead of putting emphasis on calories, shift your efforts to choosing and eating the right foods.  

One such “key” food group you must have is protein.

Eating sufficient amounts of protein not only helps build lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism, but it also triggers a hormonal mechanism that suppresses your hunger.  It’s a great way to cut down your caloric intake while avoiding going hungry.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record but avoiding refined carbohydrates like bread, pastas and rice will also help you from feeling deprived and hungry.  Unlike protein, refined carbs actually triggers your hunger, so the more you eat it the more you want to eat!  And even worse, it spikes your hormone “insulin” which increases your ability to store fat! But be careful and don’t overeat protein also. Balance is the key!

So here are some good sources of “muscle building and hunger suppressing” proteins that you can include in your daily diet:
* poultry
* red meat
* fish
* eggs
** Try to consume meats that haven’t been treated with any antibiotics or hormones.

If you’re a vegetarian, your best bet is non-GMO soy protein, such as tofu, tempeh etc.  However, too much soy is not good, so you may also want to supplement your diet with vegan protein supplements such as:
* brown rice protein
* hemp protein
* pea protein.

Next time your hunger kicks in, be sure to eat some protein and avoid those refined carbs!

In Health and Fitness Fun,

the diamond guru

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