Burn, Build and Firm with the diamond guru! Mon 06/10, Wed. 06/12 @7pm and Sat. 06/15 @11am!

Have fun and get results fast!
Have fun and get results fast!

This week we Burn Fat and Calories, Build Muscle and Firm up with High Intensity Interval Training! Less rest time in between with this type of training and that means less total time at the gym! Get finished in half the time of conventional methods.

In this new Small Group Personal Training format, I’m able to help you make gains as an individual and make sure you are hitting your goals! Get the personalized workout attention that you’ve always wanted! Work at your own pace under the guidance of a Certified Personal Trainer!

Mon. 06/10/13, Wed. 06/12/13 @7 pm and Sat. 06/15/13 @11 am in Ft. Lauderdale. Just minutes from I-95……

RSVP NOW TO: thediamondguru@yahoo.com

Let me know if you need the address and/or directions. Only 8 clients per class so RSVP NOW!!!!

****Ask me about one on one personal training specials**** Get ripped FAST!!!

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the diamond guru

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