Superset Circuit Training this week with the diamond guru! Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Stability Ball Training
Stability Ball Training

Join me Monday 06/24 and Wednesday 6/26 @7pm for Super Set Circuit Training!

Supersetting is an advanced training method in which you do two opposite exercises, one after the other, with no rest in between. For Example: An exercise for your back first then straight into one for your chest with no rest in between. While the method is Advanced, all fitness levels can do supersetting with proper guidance.

Class is $10.00

This is a Small Personal Training Group class with a Certified Personal Trainer. The first 8 RSVP’s will be admitted!

RSVP to: (Please let me know which dates you are rsvping for….)

Please let me know if you need the address…..Looking forward to starting the week off on a great note! Gonna bring some rockin music this week!!

Saturdays (06/29/13) class this week is at my pool @11:15am…..please RSVP for that as well! This is a great class for those with hip, joint, knee and/or back pain or who have difficulty moving for whatever reason. Class is $10.00 please bring a towel…


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the diamond guru




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