This week 08/19 & 08/21 @7 pm and 08/24 @10:30 am with the diamond guru!

Good Sunday Evening everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to get moving!

Stability Ball Training with diamond guru!
Stability Ball Training with diamond guru!

This week Monday 08/19 @7 pm, We are training with the Stability Ball! I have 5 Stability Balls so if you have one, please bring it and let me know when you RSVP! This is a great full body workout  for every fitness level!

Then Wednesday, 08/21 @7 pm, We are working with Resistance Bands! A great way to tone and strengthen your muscles!

Saturday, 08/24 @10:30 am (note the time change) We are Training Our Core! Abs, obliques, lower, mid and central spine are all worked and strengthened in this type of workout!

Join me for 3 Fabulous, fun and highly effective workouts! Class actual workout time 45 mins, stretching for 10-15 mins.

 Class is $10 per person

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