Build muscle and sculpt this week with The Diamond Guru! Wed. 09/04 @7pm and Sat. 09/07 @11am!

Happy Labor Day  Everyone! 
I hope you are relaxing with family and friends on this beautiful sunny day in South Florida!
This week, We are building and sculpting muscle! Nice long, slow movements with reps of 12-14 to promote muscle fatigue and build, build!! 
Don’t worry ladies, you won’t get bulky…we don’t have enough testosterone. BUT…we will start to replace fat with muscle…..It takes up way less room for the same weight!  

5lbs Lean Muscle vs 5 lbs Fat!
5lbs Lean Muscle vs 5 lbs Fat!


Men this is YOUR TIME TO BULK!!!
Its a new month!!! SPECIAL *****$60.00******  for the whole months worth of classes! 
Or pay as you go $10 per class…
Please RSVP to: 
This is a Small Group Personal Training class so no more than 10 people per class! Hurry hit that REPLY button Now!
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