Work your CORE this week with the diamond guru! Oct. 12,14 @7 pm & Oct. 19 @11 am.

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I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to work your core! What is your core, do you know?

Strengthen your core!
Strengthen your core!

 The core is where your movement gets started. Anything you do that requires movement also requires balance and stability. Your core helps you stay upright and helps you to absorb the impact from the ground when running or jumping. The core area is your mid-section and is your center of gravity.  It includes muscles groups in your pelvis, hips, lower back and abdomen.  All of these muscles work together and overlap and connect with each other.

The core area is used every day in both important body functions like walking, running and jumping as well as in functions that you do not think about often like coughing or laughing.  If you have ever pulled a muscle in your core muscle group, you will know how much it hurts to do things like get out of bed or laugh.

Core exercises work all of the muscles together instead of focusing on one muscle or even one group of muscles. High reps are not as important as quality is. Movements are slower and controlled. When you do core exercises you do not need any equipment because you can use your own body weight for resistance.

 As you do core exercises you will focus on how you breathe by pulling your belly button towards your spine as you inhale and pushing it out and aware from your spine as you exhale. Some exercises will use aids such as a broom handle or a towel to help guide your movements however many core exercises can be done without any aids at all.

 Join me this week as we strengthen and improve your posture with core exercises!
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