Oct. 13, 15 and 18 @Diamond Guru Fitness! Muscle Building!

Good afternoon Fitness Enthusiasts!

This week at Diamond Guru Fitness, Monday @7 pm, We are building up muscle in our Shoulders and Arms! Join me for an Intense upper body dumbbell, Stability Ball workout that will Increase your muscle mass!!

Wednesday @7pm, We are building up CORE strength! Working your abs, obliques and spine will keep you healthy and active throughout your life and avoid back Injury!! 

Then Saturday @11 am, We are working a Full Body Weight routine that’ll have you sweating and building overall muscle and strength!

Classes are $10 each…..

RSVP NOW to: thediamondguru@yahoo.com

Address is: 1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park, Fl 33334 

Stability Balls and some of the beautiful door and mirrors!

Ask me about a Personalized Fitness program! Get the Results you’ve always wanted at a reasonable rate! One on one personalized fitness to meet your specific goals! CALL NOW! 954-658-0479…

In Health, Fun and Fitness,

The Diamond Guru

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