Diamond Guru Fitness Welcomes Crystal Lake Middle School!

Diamond Guru Fitness would like to welcome Crystal Lake Middle School and it’s Teachers and Staff to The Healthy Active Living Lifestyle! 

Exercise sillyness and fun!
Exercise silliness and fun!

Hi, I’m Diamond! I’m very excited to be working with you and I know you’re going to have fun and FEEL GREAT! I’m going to bring some great music so we can rock out and exercise and before you know it, you’ll be Looking Great and Feeling even Better!! 

For the first 8 weeks, you’ll learn good form, to get the most out of your exercise and you’ll also learn that Exercise Can Be Fun! We are going to spend the first 15 minutes warming up then move into our workout 30 mins (I’ll modify the workouts for YOUR fitness level! ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME even during the first 8 weeks) then we will stretch for the last part of the class. Stretching promotes flexibility and increases range of motion that will help you stay fit and healthy into your older years! 

My awesome peeps doing the "Diamond Guru pose"
My awesome peeps doing the “Diamond Guru pose”

I can’t wait to meet all you Fabulous Teachers and Staff!


In Health, Fun and Fitness,

The Diamond Guru


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