Great Job WORKOUT WARRIORS of Crystal Lake Middle School!

Hello and Happy Monday Workout Warriors!!

You did GREAT last week and I was very proud of how quickly you each got the “FORM” down!

Let's Circuit Train!
Let’s Circuit Train!

This week, We pump things up a bit and go for a 30 second Circuit Training on Tuesday 3/3/15 @4:30pm! 

What can Circuit Training do for you? Read below!

  • What circuit training does for you: Increases your strength and aerobic fitness and burns lots of calories. 

  • The exhaustion factor: Moderate. Circuit training tends to be intense, but it’s completely adaptable to the individual. Beginners perform simpler moves than more-experienced exercisers, but everyone gets a good workout.

  • The coordination factor: Low. Nothing to worry about.

  • Who digs circuit training: Anyone looking for a good sweat to shake out of a training plateau. Circuit classes also are popular among busy people who want to combine a strength and aerobic routine in one workout. Anyone who wants a really fun and fast-paced workout will like circuit classes.

Then Thursday, 3/5/15 @4:30pm, It’s a Core and Glutes Workout! 

Firm, lift and shape your glutes! Tone, build and cut your core with specific exercises to tone and trim and shape your body while you Focus and Concentrate on each exercise getting the most benefit! 

Classes are $8.00 each unless we get to 20 attending people then it’s $5.00! LET’S GO WORKOUT WARRIORS!! RSVP NOW TO YOUR ADMINISTRATOR! 

“Hope to see you all tomorrow at 4:30pm in the gym!!!”

Stay Lean and Motivated,

The Diamond Guru


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