CLMS Workout Warriors..Rocked it Thursday!

Great Job Workout Warriors of Crystal Lake Middle School! WOW!

Nine of you showed up for exercise class Thursday March 5th! I love that you concentrated and focused on the workout and you’re really going to achieve the results you’re looking for! I saw your form coming together nicely and we are starting to build up some endurance as well.

Next week, I am bringing in some resistance bands for some strength training and

Resistance Bands are fun and effective!
Resistance Bands are fun and effective!

resistance training workouts! This will really pick up the intensity of your workout and you’ll achieve results faster! 

Please RSVP to your 6th Grade Assistant principal Tiffany Peterson

(Let’s hit 20 RSVPS and make it $5 per person!) Otherwise it’s $8 per person……YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Way to GO Workout Warriors!!!! See you Tuesday March 10th @4:30pm in the GYM!!

In Health and Fitness,

The Diamond Guru

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