Small Group Workouts this week! Mar. 23, 2015

Happy Sunday Diamond Guru Fitness Enthusiasts!

Monday, Mar. 23, 2015 @7pm,  We start with Free Weights or Dumbbell Weight Training! (Don’t worry Ladies, you don’t have enough Testosterone to get bulky) Lifting Weights is important for more than good muscle tone. It helps keeps your bones strong and helps prevent osteoporosis! When you lift weights and mix it with another movement then Not only are you building Muscle but you are burning fat as well! Double the Benefit! 

Weight Workouts with the Diamond Guru!
Weight Workouts with the Diamond Guru!

Then Wednesday, Mar. 25, 2015 @7 pm, We are working the Resistance bands! Nice slow controlled movements with full range of motion is the name of the game with Resistance Training! Both the up and down moves concentrated with resistance!! 

Resistance Bands are fun and effective!
Resistance Bands are fun and effective!



Then Saturday, Mar. 28, 2015 @11 am, We are Circuit Training! We will mix up Weight Training, Resistance Band, Stability Ball, Cardio, Body weight and Bender Ball into our circuit to make it more fun and interesting!

RSVP to;

1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park, Fl 33334

**************The first 8 to RSVP!!!!!!!!!!!*************

To your Health and Fitness,

The Diamond Guru 954-658-0479 text Your RSVP TOO!!!


January 2014
BEFORE! January 2014
Steven Side View- After 203 lbs lost on the DGF Nutritional Plan!
Steven Side- AFTER 203lbs lost! January 2015

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