Strength Training This week @Diamond Guru Fitness! 5/26, 5/28 & 5/30!

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you had a great weekend and found time to think and Thank our Veterans and all those that gave their lives so we can be FREE! This will make you teary but warm your heart as well.

Why Strength Training you may ask? 

First of all, let’s face it: Putting everything else aside, life is EASIER when you’re strong.  Carrying groceries? One trip. Children to carry? No problem. Car stuck in the snow? Push it out with ease.

Plus, whether you’re 100 lbs overweight or just need to lose the last 15, strength training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and build muscle.

Lifting has been shown to halt and even reverse sarcopenia – the reduction of skeletal muscle that occurs as we get older  – which helps us stay independent (and out of a nursing home) and live longer.

But in addition to making life easier, strength training has a lot of great benefits right now.  Here are just a few:

Look Good Naked: Strength training helps you lose weight (and body fat) in a few different ways.  First, it helps you retain the muscle you have while eating a calorie deficit and losing weight.

Second, strength training has a much greater level of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption than aerobic exercise.  What does this mean?  When you finish a workout, your body needs to do a lot of work to replenish itself in order to bring itself back to a normal state (the way it was before you worked out).  This takes a lot of energy, and some studies have shown that it can boost your metabolism for up to 38 hours after you finish your workout.

Not only that, but strength training can help increase your metabolism by speeding up your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).  This is because it takes your body more calories to maintain muscle than it does to maintain fat.  Estimates are that for every 1 lb of muscle you gain, your RMR goes up 30-50 calories!

Makes You Healthier: If you’re looking for a workout in which you get the biggest bang for your buck, strength training is it. Strength training increases bone density, builds a stronger heart, reduces your resting blood pressure, improves blood flow, halts muscle loss, helps control blood sugar, improves cholesterol levels, and improves your balance and coordination 

You’ll Feel Better: Not only will you find yourself with more energy and confidence, less stress and anxiety, and a better overall mood, but you’ll actually begin to think better (resistance training has been proven to help increase cognitive function). And while training too close to bedtime can be a bad idea, exercising earlier in the day has been proven to help prevent sleep apnea and insomnia. I even improved my posture – when I started lifting, I was 5’4”.  Now I’m 5’5.5”.

Prevents disease and degenerative conditions: Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women; Strength training helps correct issues relating to cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and inactivity – all factors for heart disease. Cardiologists are even starting to recommend strength training for people who have suffered a heart attack as little as three weeks after the attack. Who knows, maybe one day your cardiologist will tell you to do some “cardio” and he’ll/she’ll be referring to strength training!

Strength training has also been proven to help manage and improve the quality of life for people with Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease,Down Syndrome, Lymphedema, fibromyalgia, who have recently had a stroke, have had a spinal cord injury, cancer survivors and clinical depression.

In addition to ALL of the above, strength training is fun! Whether you are looking for the most effective 20-30 minute workout (to stay fit and look great naked), or are looking for a competitive sport that you can really get into, strength training can help you meet your goals. It’s easy and fun to see progress as you strength train, almost like leveling up. And if you’re looking to improve in other areas (a sport, traditional cardio, or an activity like rock climbing), strength training is an easy choice!

Ok, ok.  Enough already.  Is there anyone who SHOULD NOT strength train?

Honestly, I did a lot of research on this one, because I wanted to find a single group of people who should not strength train.  I even found studies on how strength training can be beneficial for paraplegics.  Not to mention it can be safe for children, adolescents, and pregnant women.  Obviously, you should take a break from strength training if you’re injured, and always check with your doctor before you start any sort of strength training program, but it’s natural for us, as humans, to move around and carry things.

Primary objections to strength training

But I’m so old! This can’t be safe!

We hear this from 30 year olds and 60 year olds alike…and, like “I don’t have time,” it is a big fat lie! Even for the frail elderly, studies have shown that drastic results are possible in just 10 weeks of weightlifting (for both men and women in their 70s through their 90s). In fact, weight training has also been shown to delay Alzheimer’s and stave off dementia. So, if you think you might be “too old,” you’re probably the exact type of person that SHOULD be strength training!

But my focus is on (running) (basketball) (quidditch) and I need to stay slim!

Studies have shown that strength training actually increases the endurance of your muscles.

In fact, resistance exercises not only help to tune up an out of shape nervous system and increase the activation of motor units within your muscles, but also helps increase their overall endurance.

If you’re worried about overall size, remember: there are many types of strength training, and size and strength don’t always go hand in hand. We’ll get into more detail on this in a minute.

I don’t want to get bulky

Ladies!  The images of “bulky” women that you are conjuring up are from bodybuilding magazines. This is one of the biggest myth surrounding strength training. When I started strength training, I didn’t get bulky, I got lean And I’m no outlier, I’m just one example of the rule: Women who strength train get strong and lean, not bulky.

That “bulky” look in women does not happen by mistake or overnight – we simply do not have the hormones necessary to get there on our own. To achieve this look, women have to eat incredible amounts of food and consume incredible amounts of drugs. When we strength train normally, without these supplements, we end up looking like athletes.

I’m fat. I need to lose weight first.

Great! Start with strength training :) When you’re overweight, my guess is that you want to be preserving the muscle you have while losing the majority of your weight through fat. With strength training, your overall weight loss may seem slower, but you will lose inches faster. Strength training increases your metabolism; as long as you’re still eating in a deficit, you’ll lose weight.

It’s boring

We’ll be talking more about this later, but for now, just give it a shot! In strength training you can see your progress so clearly that as you can do more and more, you’ll also be rewarded by seeing your strength progress from level 1 to level 50! If you aren’t a fan of the downtime, put on a book on tape or throw on your favorite playlist while circuit training to ensure you’re always moving (instead of sitting and waiting in between sets).

Is that enough for us to convince you?  Awesome.  Lets get started. COME TO CLASSES THIS WEEK! Strength Training

Tuesday and Thursday @7pm and Saturday @11am!

 1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park, Fl 33334

RSVP to  or text 954-658-0479….Let me know which class…


Be Strong and Get Moving,

The Diamond Guru



Class Schedule Change and Workouts this week 5/18-5/23/15!

This week @ Diamond Guru Fitness, I am changing the class workouts schedule! I am now holding classes on Tues and Thurs @7pm and Still keeping the Saturday @11am class! Please give me some feedback on if this change makes a difference in your attendance…Easier or not? Thank you, I really appreciate any feedback you give me. 

WE WANT YOU, To Workout With Us!
WE WANT YOU, To Workout With Us!

Its Circuit Training Week at Diamond Guru Fitness! All week we will be using Circuits to train! Strength and cardio circuits as well as a HIRT= High Intensity Resistance Training class! These type of classes burn fat and build muscle simultaneously! It’s also a FUN way to train especially with MY clients, very friendly and welcoming non-judgemental environment! ALL SHAPES, SIZES AND FITNESS LEVELS!!

$10.00 per person


1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park (Ft. Laud area) Fl, 33334


Ask me how to combine Diet/Nutrition with exercise to Lose Weight, Get fit and Healthy!! Healthy Eating plan (Personal Menus available soon!) and exercise program!

In Health, Fun and Fitness,

The Diamond Guru



How to Get Lean, Strong & Defined While Improving Your Endurance!

Happy Sunday DGF Enthusiasts!

The one thing I’ve learned over the years of being in the health and fitness industry, is that there are many ways to get fit.  In fact, there are so many different ways to get fit, that it can be quite overwhelming to figure out what’s going to work for YOU.

Before you start anything, the most important thing you need to decide is your goal.  Figure out what your end goal is and then work backwards.  For instance, if your goal is to compete in triathlons, you know that you’re going to have to include swimming, biking and running as part of your workouts. The more specific the goal, the easier it becomes to figure out what you need to do. 

But, what if your goal is broad and encompasses many things.  Something like this…you want to get lean and fit, but you also want to be able to improve your running time for a half a marathon or improve your mountain biking, but you don’t have hours to spend running or mountain biking. 

Training private clients, this is a common situation.  Clients want to look good (get a six pack) and improve their physique, while improving their performance in a specific activity like running or biking…or an event like a triathlon.

It seems simple enough right?  BUT here’s the dilemma, most of these were endurance based activities or sporting events, which was NOT conducive to burning fat or building a lean physique. 

Here’s what I mean, if you’re participating in activities like running and biking you’re mostly burning calories from carbohydrates…not fat.  That means the stubborn layer of stomach fat won’t budge…not good, if you want lean defined abs. 

Since your body is super efficient, when it needs energy it gets it from the most accessible source, which happens to be glycogen (carbs) and not fat.  And to make matters worse, fat is not easily accessible, especially when your body has ample amounts of glycogen.

And here’s another conundrum…activities like long running and biking break down lean muscle mass, making it even more difficult to reach your goal.  Remember, lean muscle is your best source for calorie burning, especially from fat, and it’s essential if you want a lean defined “athletic” physique.

So how do you maximize your fat burn, so you can get lean and fit, while improving your overall performance for an endurance based sport or an event?

High-Intensity Interval Resistance Training (HIRT)

By incorporating short high intensity resistance workouts to your workout routine, you’ll enable your body to develop maximum power, which will improve performance in almost any activity (including endurance-based activities), all while re-programming your body to increase calorie burning from fat.  This is just one of many studies showing the benefits of HIRT

And here’s the great thing, if you love to run, bike or do other endurance based activities, you don’t need to give up doing those activities.  You can easily fit these HIRT workouts into your weekly fitness routine, because it’s short and sweet. 

You can replace your typical fitness routine with one to three of these workouts a week.  And if you’re super ambitious, you can even combine doing HIRT and your chosen sport or activity in the same day.  Just make sure that you leave enough time (3 hours or more) between the workouts so you can fully recover after the first workout.

This week at Diamond Guru Fitness, We will be utilizing HIRT! These workouts will be 1/2 hour in length with alot of Intensity but will also be work at Your own level of fitness as its a Small Group Personal Training class.

When: Monday 5/11/15 @7pm & Wednesday 5/13/15 @ 7pm and Saturday 5/16/15 @11am!

RSVP to:

$10.00 per person 8 MAX in Class!

Where: 1080 NE 43rd Street Oakland Park, Fl 33334

Who’s joining me? Get Lean and Defined!

Stay Healthy & Motivated,

The Diamond Guru