Class Schedule Change and Workouts this week 5/18-5/23/15!

This week @ Diamond Guru Fitness, I am changing the class workouts schedule! I am now holding classes on Tues and Thurs @7pm and Still keeping the Saturday @11am class! Please give me some feedback on if this change makes a difference in your attendance…Easier or not? Thank you, I really appreciate any feedback you give me. 

WE WANT YOU, To Workout With Us!
WE WANT YOU, To Workout With Us!

Its Circuit Training Week at Diamond Guru Fitness! All week we will be using Circuits to train! Strength and cardio circuits as well as a HIRT= High Intensity Resistance Training class! These type of classes burn fat and build muscle simultaneously! It’s also a FUN way to train especially with MY clients, very friendly and welcoming non-judgemental environment! ALL SHAPES, SIZES AND FITNESS LEVELS!!

$10.00 per person


1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park (Ft. Laud area) Fl, 33334


Ask me how to combine Diet/Nutrition with exercise to Lose Weight, Get fit and Healthy!! Healthy Eating plan (Personal Menus available soon!) and exercise program!

In Health, Fun and Fitness,

The Diamond Guru



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