Supersets this week @DGF; 9/1, 9/3 @7p & 9/5 @11am!

This week we are going to utilize a technique called “Superset or Supersetting.”  A superset is when one set of an exercise is performed directly after a set of a different exercise without rest between them. Once each superset is complete, then rest for one and a half to two minutes to recover. We will start with a 5-10 min warm up followed by 30-40 mins actual exercise and 10-15 min Stretching!

Join me and a Fantastic group of “Real People” as we listen to some fun music and get fit while enjoying each others company and the positive atmosphere!! This group will inspire you!

Class is $10.00 per person or September SPECIAL!!!! ALL SEPTEMBER CLASSES FOR $75.00! 


Let me know which class you are RSVPing for…………..

In Health, Fun and Fitness,

Your Diamond Guru


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