Do you feel sluggish after all that Halloween Candy? Come workout tonight!

The trick or treating is over and you’ve eaten your fair share of the candy. Now you’re tired and not motivated to move….Why? You’ve got what I like to call: CARB COMA Syndrome!! All that sugar in your bloodstream has made you restless yet exhausted….

Come out tonight and get moving with an Awesome, Full Body workout that’ll have you feeling great and energized!! We’ll do a 5-10 min warm up then move on to a 30 minute full body workout and finish up with some static stretching to promote flexibility and reduce muscle soreness!

RSVP to:  or text 954-658-0479….. Small group personal training means you work at your own fitness level and you get the personalized attention you’ve been craving without the higher prices for personal one on one training with the same great benefits!   DGFStudioallposing

In health and fitness,

The Diamond Guru

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