Six diet foods that can hurt your weight loss journey, you won’t believe this!!

Here are some Diet Foods You Probably Thought were Healthy!!! This will blow your mind!!

1.  Diet Soda

Diet soda can actually make you gain weight. Drinking diet soda can make you likely to overeat. The answer is because your body is tricked into believing you’re ingesting sugar and it makes you crave more.

2. Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn contains the organic compound diacetyl to give you that butter taste. Try to avoid this ingredient! You’re better off making your own popcorn.

3. Granola Bars

Commercial granola bars can be loaded with corn syrup, salt and processed oils that can add to your waistline. Opt for making your own granola at home, but watch your portions.

4. Veggie Burgers

Say isn’t so! Going veggie could damage your diet. Read the labels. Some are made with processed soy and loaded with oils and butter. Also Hexane has been found in veggie burgers. This a gasoline by-product used during the process of separating soybeans into oil.

5. Low Fat Yogurt

Yup. Low fat  products like yogurt can be loaded with sugar. In a cup of Stoneyfield Farm French Vanilla yogurt, there are 20-plus grams of sugar.

6. Blue Chips

Blue corn chips or vegetable chips are a great alternative to potato chips. But again, there needs to be portion control. They can be loaded with salt and fatty oils.

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