The Cold Hard Truth Is…

I was reading an article the other day and the lady said, “I wish I could play the guitar”.
Her guy friend snapped back, “No you don’t. If you did, you would make time to learn.”
The lady thought about this for a minute and quickly realized that she was right. If she really wanted to learn, she would have found the time instead of making a bunch of excuses about why she didn’t have time.
This is true in all aspects of life…including your fitness and weight loss goals!
I don’t mean to sound harsh, BUT if you really want to kick-start your metabolism to shed the excess fat and get super lean and healthy (and…ahem…sexy!), you’ll find the time.
And I’ve made that so easy-peasy for you that you can’t possibly have any excuses about not having time. All of the meal plans plus the workout routines I customize for you, my exclusive, members-only benefits kick your metabolism into high gear (you’ll sweat bullets and shed fat like there’s no tomorrow).
And, I’ve meticulously designed every single workout to turn on your “afterburn.”, which means your body will continue to burn calories up to 48 hours AFTER your workout is over.
(Most people are only focused on the calories burned during their workout and this is the BIGGEST mistake of all!)
The catch-22 is that the “afterburn” only kicks in when you do specific kinds of exercises performed a specific way…and it’s NOT what they teach you in classes at the gym. I’ll show you exactly how to turn on your afterburn so you can skyrocket your metabolism and burn fat lightening fast — and don’t worry, my workouts are super simple to follow, promise 🙂
Now get your butt over to the website and join me before something else comes up. Here’s the link:

Steven Did it! 150 lbs dropped in 1 year!
Steven Did it! 150 lbs dropped in 1 year!

Weight Loss + Fitness packages available!! Email me or call for details! 954-658-0479


Here’s to your Health and Fitness,

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