6 Foods That Burn Fat!

Here is a look at six foods that burn fat. The best part? These items are already in your refrigerators or cupboards!

TeaGreen tea
Try drinking organic green tea to boost your metabolism and feel energized!

Greek Yogurt (Not for lactose intolerant people)
Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurts and the body will burn more calories digesting proteins. Try adding cinnamon for a sweet taste that also lowers blood-sugar levels.greek-yogurt


Try eating apples, raspberries, blackberries or pears instead of snacking on popcorn. This will boost your metabolism and keep you satisfied because of the high fiber content. fruits


Vitamin C

Research suggests that consuming 500 mg Vitamin C will help burn 39 percent more fat during exercise than those who were low on the vitamin. NM-1485-L36-Vit-C-380x468



Grapefruit regulates blood sugar and are high in enzymes that burn fat. For 50 calories this cancer-fighting fruit contains beta-carotene and pectin that lowers cholesterol.

Red grapefruit portion on white background. Clipping path included.
Red grapefruit portion on white background. Clipping path included.

Red Cayenne Peppers

Red cayenne peppers contain capsaicin that gives them that kick. The chemical speeds up the heart and helps burn more calories and suppresses the appetite. Try adding these peppers to a salad or to your  (lean) hamburgers.  pepper-cayenne




Stay lean and motivated,

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