NEW WORKOUT Starts Tues. June 28th! Don’t Miss out!

Tuesday, June 28th…Diamond Guru Fitness is Starting a 4 week NEW GROUP Workout! BODY PROGRESSIONS!

We are ALL Starting at LEVEL ONE! This is a workout designed to use your own body weight and get you strong quickly but at your pace! Once you complete an exercise at Level 1, you’ll move to Level 2 and so on! This is designed for 4 weeks, 2 classes a week. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s @7 pm! photo (6)

From June 28th – July 21st!……ONLY $80…..I’m slashing prices for the first 5 who sign up! You get 8 for $50!  Only 2 spots left at the discount! HURRY BEFORE IT’S GONE!




Join me and Transform your Life! squatsbooty

What is Aerobic Interval Training and can it for work you??

Are you ready to shake up your workout? Do you wish you could burn more calories without spending more time at the gym? Consider aerobic interval training. Once the domain of elite athletes, interval training has become a powerful tool for the average exerciser, too.

What is interval training? 

It’s not as complicated as you might think. Interval training is simply alternating bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity.

What can interval training do for you?

Whether you’re a novice exerciser or you’ve been exercising for years, interval training can help you jazz up your workout routine. Consider the benefits:

  • You’ll burn more calories. The more vigorously you exercise, the more calories you’ll burn — even if you increase intensity for just a few minutes at a time.
  • You’ll improve your aerobic capacity. As your cardiovascular fitness improves, you’ll be able to exercise longer or with more intensity. Imagine finishing your 60-minute walk in 45 minutes — or the additional calories you’ll burn by keeping up the pace for the full 60 minutes.
  • You’ll keep boredom at bay. Turning up your intensity in short intervals can add variety to your exercise routine.
  • You don’t need special equipment. You can simply modify your current routine.

Are the principles of interval training the same for everyone?

Yes — but you can take interval training to many levels. If you simply want to vary your exercise routine, you can determine the length and speed of each high-intensity interval based on how you feel that day.

After warming up, you might increase the intensity for 30 seconds and then resume your normal pace. The next burst of more intense activity may last two to three minutes. How much you pick up the pace, how often and for how long is up to you.

If you’re working toward a specific fitness goal, you may want to take a more scientific approach. A personal trainer or other expert can help you time the intensity and duration of your intervals — which may include movement patterns similar to those you’ll use during your sport or activity — based on your target heart rate, the ability of your heart and lungs to deliver oxygen to your muscles (peak oxygen intake), and other factors. Diamondgurubackflex

Does interval training have risks? 

Interval training isn’t appropriate for everyone. If you have a chronic health condition or haven’t been exercising regularly, consult your doctor before trying any type of interval training. Recent studies suggest, however, that interval training can be used safely for short periods even in individuals with heart disease.

Also keep the risk of overuse injury in mind. If you rush into a strenuous workout before your body is ready, you may injure your muscles, tendons or bones. Instead, start slowly. Try doing just one or two higher intensity intervals during each workout at first. If you think you’re overdoing it, slow down. As your stamina improves, challenge yourself to vary the pace. You may be surprised by the results.

If you’d like to try this type of exercise, call me, Diamond,  at 954-658-0479 for a Personal Training session or come out to a small group personal training class! For more information and to get started…call or email to

I can’t wait to help you get started on your journey to health and fitness! ASK ME ABOUT MY NO BRAINER WEIGHT LOSS MENU PLAN!

Weight loss success!

Yours in Health and Fitness,

The Diamond Guru



The Cold Hard Truth Is…

I was reading an article the other day and the lady said, “I wish I could play the guitar”.
Her guy friend snapped back, “No you don’t. If you did, you would make time to learn.”
The lady thought about this for a minute and quickly realized that she was right. If she really wanted to learn, she would have found the time instead of making a bunch of excuses about why she didn’t have time.
This is true in all aspects of life…including your fitness and weight loss goals!
I don’t mean to sound harsh, BUT if you really want to kick-start your metabolism to shed the excess fat and get super lean and healthy (and…ahem…sexy!), you’ll find the time.
And I’ve made that so easy-peasy for you that you can’t possibly have any excuses about not having time. All of the meal plans plus the workout routines I customize for you, my exclusive, members-only benefits kick your metabolism into high gear (you’ll sweat bullets and shed fat like there’s no tomorrow).
And, I’ve meticulously designed every single workout to turn on your “afterburn.”, which means your body will continue to burn calories up to 48 hours AFTER your workout is over.
(Most people are only focused on the calories burned during their workout and this is the BIGGEST mistake of all!)
The catch-22 is that the “afterburn” only kicks in when you do specific kinds of exercises performed a specific way…and it’s NOT what they teach you in classes at the gym. I’ll show you exactly how to turn on your afterburn so you can skyrocket your metabolism and burn fat lightening fast — and don’t worry, my workouts are super simple to follow, promise 🙂
Now get your butt over to the website and join me before something else comes up. Here’s the link:

Steven Did it! 150 lbs dropped in 1 year!
Steven Did it! 150 lbs dropped in 1 year!

Weight Loss + Fitness packages available!! Email me or call for details! 954-658-0479


Here’s to your Health and Fitness,

The Diamond Guru

This week at DGF…11/12/15 & 11/14/15..Class schedule..Let’s ROCK IT!

Good Monday morning everyone!

This week at Diamond Guru Fitness, Classes are Thursday @7pm and Saturday @11am. Thursday we will work our core and lower body with the “Bye Bye Muffin Top” workout! Then Saturday it’s Full Body Functional Training Day! These workouts are designed for ALL fitness levels- All exercises are modified to Customize the workout for YOUR fitness level! All are welcome! photo (6)

LET’S ROCK THESE WORKOUTS, Shed a few pounds and Build some Strength and Muscle!!

Class is $10 per person: RSVP REQ to: 

Who is joining me???

in Health, Fun and Fitness,

The Diamond Guru



Do you feel sluggish after all that Halloween Candy? Come workout tonight!

The trick or treating is over and you’ve eaten your fair share of the candy. Now you’re tired and not motivated to move….Why? You’ve got what I like to call: CARB COMA Syndrome!! All that sugar in your bloodstream has made you restless yet exhausted….

Come out tonight and get moving with an Awesome, Full Body workout that’ll have you feeling great and energized!! We’ll do a 5-10 min warm up then move on to a 30 minute full body workout and finish up with some static stretching to promote flexibility and reduce muscle soreness!

RSVP to:  or text 954-658-0479….. Small group personal training means you work at your own fitness level and you get the personalized attention you’ve been craving without the higher prices for personal one on one training with the same great benefits!   DGFStudioallposing

In health and fitness,

The Diamond Guru

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Diamond Guru Fitness schedule this week 9/14-9/19/15!

Good Monday morning DGF Enthusiasts,

This week is a short one as I’m away at a convention Thurs- Sunday.

This week, Tuesday 9/15/15 @7pm, We are Strength Training using Drop sets. Drop sets are essentially a technique where you perform an exercise and then drop (reduce) the weight and continue for more reps until you reach failure. The reason why drop sets work is that in any given set you are only recruiting a certain amount of muscle fibres. By then stripping the weight down and going lighter you recruit different muscle fibres, which should help the muscles achieve growth that couldn’t be achieved by sticking with the same weight. Zumbapinkandpurplerow

Please RSVP to:

Class is $10.00- Small group personal training means you get the customized attention you’ve been craving!

Where? 1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park, Florida 33334

in Health and Fitness,

The Diamond Guru


Circuit Training this week @Diamond Guru Fitness!

This week August 25th, 27th and 29th, We are Circuit Training! Circuits are a fun way of burning fat fast and creating an afterburn effect that will have you burning fat for the following 24 hours! Imagine burning fat while you sleep!! photo (6)

Join me Tuesday and Thursday @7pm and Saturday @11 am! Class is just $10.00!! Small Group Personal Training format (Max 8) means you get the personalized attention you want! Everyone works at their own level of fitness to get the customized workout and fitness plan you’ve been longing for!

You can also Rsvp to: or TEXT to 954-658-0479

In Health, Nutrition and Fitness,

The Diamond Guru


Fun Week @Diamond Guru Fitness 8/18, 8/20 & 8/22!

This week at Diamond Guru Fitness we are mixing it up! Small Group personal training means you get the personalized attention you need to GET RESULTS! ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME! I modify all exercises for every level of fitness. Come have fun, listen to some groovin music and exercise in a non-judgemental, positive atmosphere!

Tuesday 8/18 @7pm, We are Circuit Training!! Get lean, burn fat and build muscle with this fun, fast workout! 30 sec circuits!!

Then Thursday 8/20 @7pm, We pump it up with a Strength Training dumbbell/resistance band workout!!

Saturday, 8/22 @11am, It’s all about the Ball!! Stability Ball Core Workout! One of the most important parts of the body to strengthen…YOUR CORE! Your core keeps your spine stable so its very important to keep it strong!

Class is $10.00 per person RSVP REQUIRED!!!!

Let me know which class or all 3! ASK me about my weight loss food program!!

Your in health and fitness,
the diamond guru

Diamond Guru Fitness schedule week Aug 11th and Aug 15th!

Hello Exercise Enthusiasts!
This week at Diamond Guru Fitness, We are going to Build and Sculpt beautiful muscles! Get ready to have some fun with Dumbbells, Stability Balls and Resistance Bands! Great music, no judgement zone!!
At Diamond Guru Fitness I use a Small Group Personal Training Format so YOU get the personalized attention you need to Hit your Goals! 8 people maximum in class! Work at your fitness level! Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced ALL Welcome!
$10.00 per person ; RSVP to:
Location: 1080 NE 43rd Street
Oakland Park, Fl. 33334
Please bring a bottle of water and a towel….Wear comfortable sneakers and workout clothes!!
Your Exercise Coach,
The Diamond Guru photo (6)

Circuit Training Tues., Thurs. & Sat. 21st, 23rd & 25th!

Hello DGF Enthusiasts,

This week, July 21st, & July 23rd @7pm and July 25th @11 am… We are Circuit Training! 

Why I Love Circuit Training

  • Circuit training is a great boredom buster: Moving quickly from one exercise to the next means your mind doesn’t have time to wander or tune out.
  • An all-strength circuit burns 30 percent more calories (about nine per minute!) than a typical weight workout and offers more cardio benefits.
  • A circuit that combines cardio and strength moves will blast fat and sculpt muscle. It can also burn up to 10 calories a minute.

How It Works

A circuit is a series of strength or cardio exercises (or both) repeated two or three times with little or no rest between sets. 

Classes are $10.00 per person and run for 1 hour including a Dynamic Warm up, 30 mins of exercise and stretching after for cool down.

Location: 1080 NE 43rd Street, Oakland Park, Florida 33334 


Small group personal training means you get the customized attention you’ve been craving for REAL RESULTS!!! 8 people MAX!!

RSVP NOW and Let’s get your fitness started!!!!

Stay Strong and Motivated,

The Diamond Guru