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Here’s what some of my clients are saying about Diamond Guru Fitness and Weight Loss!

1/25/17- Donna

With so many options assaulting us in the world of health and wellness working with Diamond Guru Fitness is the customized, logical, most affordable choice. Diamond takes the time to get to know YOU, what YOU need, where YOU can excel and make the most of your workout and your lifestyle choices. Diamond works with the whole person, not just weight, not just diet, not just exercise. I have been a big girl my whole life and connecting with Diamond has literally saved my life. She is the most caring and motivating personal trainer. Her methods and approach for EACH PERSON gives you confidence by knowing she has you in mind when developing your training plan – mind, body, and spirit.  Connect with Diamond and experience what your future self is waiting for.

1/18/2017- Doug Robson

I really can’t recommend Diamond enough as a trainer if you are trying to lose weight or get fit.

When I first tried losing weight I went to a couple of trainers at gyms. First off, I don’t want to be around a bunch of tight 20 yr olds when I am trying to move my middle aged body around! Second, I am way too old for a Marine Boot Camp type workout. It seemed like every trainer was trying to see how far they could “push”.

Diamond pushes you hard but she recognizes what you can and can’t accomplish. She is careful to modify your workouts to meet your needs (I have a bad shoulder and you have to account for that). She also walks you along the road to health. I have seen a number of very overweight people lose weight with Diamond and they did it happily without suffering!

Again, a great trainer- especially if you need someone to help you lose weight and get in the best physical shape of your life!


AWESOME! Abso-flippin-lutely AWESOME! Diamond is AMAZING! Studio is very serene, not intimidating, makes you FEEL like working out when you step inside. Class sizes are kept to a minimum. There is NO, and I totally mean NO judgment here. There is a feeling of family, welcoming, supportive, encouraging. That is absolutely how you will be treated and that is absolutely due to the tone that Diamond sets. She is so kind, nurturing, dedicated, and so passionate about what she does. Now, don’t let that “kind, nurturing” comment fool you into thinking she isn’t gonna kick your butt… because trust me, she’s totally gonna kick your butt. She is just going to do it in such a way that you don’t care. She watches her students for form, ability, and stamina like a hawk, and you BEST push as hard as you can push and give that work out everything you’ve got or she is going to call you on it. She will NEVER call you out and make you want to crawl in a corner. That is not her style. She WILL call you out in an I-care-about-you-and-want-you-to-push-yourself-in-­the-right-way-every-time sort of way. She asks you before the first class about your physical history, any limitations she needs to know about. Then uses that information along with the information gleaned from her ever watchful eyes during class to tailor each session specifically to you. She will call out modifications for you without you even having to remind her of your issue 99.9% of the time. Even more amazing, is the fact that she somehow manages to do this for every person in every class, EVERY time!

This studio and Diamond herself are an absolute gold mine of a find that is going to change my life and FINALLY help me to LOVE working out! That my friend is no easy feat and many programs, places, and people have failed where I KNOW she will succeed. Do yourself a humongous favor and get to a class! You might even see me there, I’ll be the one who totally looks like she doesn’t quite love working out yet (sure as heck doesn’t HATE it anymore either) but does clearly LOVE being at Diamond Guru’s Fitness Studio.


I needed help with strengthening my lower back muscles due to an injury.
Diamond was able to help me not only get off pain meds but has led me to a healthier and much more nutritional lifestyle.
She is very attentive and does her homework when it comes to helping you and your SPECIFIC problem.The personal attention is awesome.

    • Carol – Jan 29, 2013
      she is so awesome and motivating..it makes it fun to work out and get in shape
    • Tina – Jan 27, 2013
      diamond is dedicated and exuberant .
      • Kathy – Jan 3, 2013
        Diamond Guru ROCKS! A very knowledgeable trainer who also listens and works with you to determine YOUR needs. She modifies each exercise to give everyone the maximum effect, based on their physical limitations. After a few short weeks, I truly started to notice and now months later, I can use muscles with ease that were previously unavailable to me. Her patience is outstanding and her ability to understand your individual needs is impressive.
      • Skip – Jan 3, 2013
        diamond gives lots of individual attention and really focuses in on what each participant needs to get them to the next level of health and fitness. She is dedicated and knowledgeable! Thanks diamond- what a difference you’ve made!!!
      • Rana – Jan 3, 2013
        diamond gives great workouts, great music, great advice, and great encouragement… are you sensing a theme??? diamond is GREAT!!!
      • Rana – Jan 3, 2013
        The personalized attention that she gives to each student is nothing less than phenomenal.
      • Bill – Jan 20, 2013
        Great mindset, diamond gears her programs to the individual goals of her clients. Always moving to the next level of continued progress.
      • Diamond – Jan 19, 2013
        Come get the body you’ve always wanted! Great motivated Personal Trainer!
      • Eileen – Jan 18, 2013
        simply great
      • becca – Jan 18, 2013
        i typically work out with diamond 3xs a week… the other 4 days… i wish i was working out with her too, instead of doing my own!
      Diamond – Jan 26, 2013
      Awesome workouts with real results!

“I love our personal sessions. Your patience to the extreme is a fantastic skill in your profession. I’m already thinking about my day of “owwwww’s” tomorrow.” – Kathy, November 2012

“So far, I have lost 32 pounds, at least 6 inches from my stomach and I am in the best physical shape of my post-baseball life…all since we started working out with you. Keep up the great work!” – Mike, November 2012

I have been training with Diamond Guru Fitness for the last two years, since I began my journey with her my wellness levels have improved. Meaning my office provides an evaluation of weight, cholesterol, blood pressure etc., since training and participating in Diamonds nutrition program I have lost over 60 lbs, all the while strengthening my body or core which has given me such a positive view of my self.

Out of all the alternative methods for weight loss and management I have found none more comprehensive and so beneficial . Diamond not only encourages you to do better in your exercise progress but she is always aware of your limits and works with you to improve. In her weight loss management she is more than just the written word she is your Guru your guide. I have had moments when I needed to talk myself from having a donut, well she talked me out of it, in the most kind and understanding way because she understands I’m human and talks to me as such.

On the day of my wedding I fit with no alterations into my dress, I had tears she shared them with me and because of her belief in me, hard work,  and her positive reinforcement of  my will power that day was truly magical. My journey doesn’t end I do have a way to to get to my goal of a healthy lifestyle and weight.

I highly recommend Diamond Guru Fitness to everyone who asks me why I’m so happy , well that’s is easy I’m on a path to a better me, because I left behind the pills, the fast track CDs, the no food diets, and you just gotta try this new surgery.  I was almost there but if if you just commit to a better you it can happen , I didn’t think so at first but then it just did. And she sees it in all our smiles.

Nora Acord

Health & Fitness believer


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